Photographs taken at the Musikmesse Frankfurt - April 2009 Photographs taken at the Musikmesse Frankfurt - April 2009 Leo puts the alphasax to the test! Leo Baureis - trying the Alphasax for the first time 31863381 Franziska Schulz Franziska - ready to put the Alphasax through its paces! 31863382 Testing with harness Young sax player testing Alphasax with harness 31865023 Franziska Schultz Franziska 'hitting the right beat' 31865024 Sax Teacher Sax teacher testing pink model 31865025 Pink Alpha - on display The most popular model on display at the Musikmesse 31865026 I want to take it home....please? Members of a Spanish saxophone group pleading to take it home - "for my sister..honest".... 31865027 Testing Let's see where it goes from here! 31865028 Wow - I love it! I want it - want it - want it!! 31865029 Hey this rocks! Member of the Spanish saxophone group with eyes only for the pink Alpha 31865030 Another sax teacher tries the Alpha " I really like this!" 31865031 Yes I'll pose for this pic Not sure if he really new that this image would be posted..... 31865032